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Happy Rehab helps Sofie to be able to walk up the stairs without help

Sofie is 8 years old and has cerebral palsy on GMFCS level 2. When Sofie are training with Happy Rehab, she gets so much strength in her knees, that...

In Kolding, families can use Happy Rehab at home

In Kolding municipality, they had an idea four years ago. The idea was to let families borrow Happy Rehabs systems in periods of time, when they need...

From an ambitions vision to a business in growth – Innovaid turns 10 years!

It all started with a prototype on the desk ten years ago. Today Martin Hjort stands as the founder and manager of Innovaid with ten employees. He...

How therapists use the ICF-model, and how you can use it when applying for a new assistive technology

There are some things you need to be aware of, when you are applying for a new assistive technology. One thing is, that you need to become good...

Everyday activity increases the body awareness for wheelchair users

To be active is important for our wellbeing – both physically and mentally. For people sitting in a wheelchair, it can be a challenge to incorporate...

Behind the scenes of Foundation Pack 2019

In January the new Foundation Pack 2019 was ready for the Happy Rahab system. The game-package is full of new games and graphic upgrades, which has...

GMFCS… what?

Maybe you have come across the five letters GMFCS, which is often used when talking about cerebral palsy. And maybe you aren’t quite sure what the...

The Baffin chair makes the school day easier at Skolen ved Skoven

The school, Skolen ved Skoven in Denmark is saving time during the day due to using the two Baffin chairs, that they have bought for two pupils with...

Egmont Højskolen: An ordinary Danish folk high school, and yet very different

Egmont Højskolen is an ordinary Danish folk high school, and yet it is very different. Here disabled young people and their helpers live side by side...

4 myths about cerebral palsy

It must be the muscles that are injured, when a person has cerebral palsy. Or is it? And how can it be, that some people with CP has cognitive...

5 good ways to do training in nature

  Nature offers many good and fun opportunities for varied and challenging training, and moving training to a new place can be good for motivation....

4 good ways to make your training playful

Most people know the feeling of not being motivated to do their workout. That feeling can be just as strong for children, as it can for grown-ups. It...

Therapeutic riding creates symmetry of the body

Physiotherapy on horseback. A treatment that is especially popular for people with poor balance and spasticity of the body. Here the horse’s...

From being bullied to winning medals

Eirunn has cerebral palsy. When Eirunn was a child she didn’t like physical activity. As an adult she won a silver medal in table tennis at the...

5 good ways to train coordination during daily life routines

For a child with cerebral palsy, simple everyday movements can be difficult to perform. This is in part because motor coordination is difficult for...

”If something is hard for you, come and play handball”

Rikke Nielsen wished there was a handball team where her daughter Magda, who has Down’s syndrome, could play. This made her start Aalborg Kidz, a...

Bring motivation back from Beitostølen

At Beitostølen HealthSports Centre in Norway, the staff works to promote joy in training and movement for children and adults with functional...

”Leisure for Everyone” – project with Treax Pads

The municipality of Sandnes in southern Norway has decided to focus on welfare technology in treatment of children with disabilities. This has led to...

Five good ways to train in water

Training in water is especially good if you suffer from physical stress or injuries. For persons with cerebral palsy, water training can be a very...

Aarhus Municipality buys eight sets of Treax Pads

Last year Aarhus Municipality bought eight sets of Treax Pads for four senior community centres and four care homes in one of the local areas.  Treax...

There’s no place like home - Stavern Hospital in Norway is conducting a research project with Happy Rehab

Helena Paulsson Nilsen, Head of Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Hospital in Vestfold, together with Martin Hjort, CEO at...

The Fall Prevention Clinic’s project with Treax Pads

This autumn, the Fall Prevention Clinic at Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital found that Treax Pads gave extra training motivation to their...

The Child Disability Parents Association

In the Child Disability Parents Association, there is room for everyone who has a disability, or are parents of a child with a disability. The...

What are Treax Pads?

The coloured Treax Pads make up a training system that was originally developed for people with neurological difficulties. Later we have found that...

HAPPY REHAB – Three stories

    When Martin Hjort developed Happy Rehab, he wanted to create a tool that could help children with cerebral palsy. Later it turned out that many...

Happy Rehab helps children in Stendalen

  At the nursery school, Stendalen, in Fredericia there is room for everyone. The nursery school has 68 children from the ages 0-6 years, 30 of whom...

Who can use Happy Rehab?

Your feet move up and down, while your attention is on the computer screen. One more push of your foot, and the game is finished.This is what...

Gustav and Daniel have cerebral palsy, but they can do most things

Gustav The other kids are running around in the playground. It almost seems like they never run out of energy. It can easily feel like that for...

Botox treatment for cerebral palsy

  Most of us associate the word Botox with anti-wrinkle treatment. But when Botox is used for people with cerebral palsy, it’s not about smoothing...

CPOP tracks your child’s development

    In the fourth week of January, the annual Cerebral Palsy Conference will be held in Oslo. The conference invites professionals, users and parents...

Active stretching gives good results

Stiff muscles are a common symptom of cerebral palsy. Children with cerebral palsy can have limited dorsal flexion, that is, difficulties bending...

5 good ways to train your balance during daily life routines

All of us can benefit from balance training. Older or younger, of all body shapes and sizes. Our sense of balance gets considerably weaker if we don´...

Cognitive and motor skills training for children

  Training works best when it has a broad focus. The body remembers better, when the brain is activated during training. If physical exercises are...

Innovatoriet – a welfare technology exhibition

Innovatoriet, in the city of Horten in Norway, houses the largest exhibition of welfare technology in Europe. 150 different welfare technologies from...

Welfare technology brings more independence

Inger Oddershede is a welfare technology resource person at Vikærgården in Risskov. She uses welfare technology for more effective rehabilitation...

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term for damage to the brain that occurs before, during or after birth.  The injury occurs before the brain is fully...

A father who wants to do more...

Martin Hjort has a son, Gustav, who has cerebral palsy. Martin didn’t feel that Gustav achieved enough results from going to physiotherapy once a...


INNOVAID is growing!

      Big plans means bigger offices - and more room! This Fall 2021 the main office of Innovaid is moving to brand new...


Happy Rehab helps Sofie to be able to walk up the stairs without help

Sofie is 8 years old and has cerebral palsy on GMFCS level 2. When Sofie are training with Happy Rehab, she gets so...


Balance and coordination exercises with TREAX Pads
Oct 13th, 14.00 - 14.40 (CET)
Balance and coordination exercises with TREAX Pads
Oct 26th, 10.00 - 10.40 AM (CET)
Balance and coordination exercises with TREAX Pads
Nov 8th, 13.00 - 13.40 (CET)