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Behind the scenes of Foundation Pack 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

In January the new Foundation Pack 2019 was ready for the Happy Rahab system. The game-package is full of new games and graphic upgrades, which has taken the experience of using Happy Rehab to new heights. Join us behind the development of the Foundation Pack 2019 when our physiotherapist, our game developer and our technician tell about their considerations in the process, and about why Foundation Pack 2019 is worth trying. 

Every year we make an upgrade on the Foundation Pack for Happy Rehab, so we can make sure, that the games always offer fun and varied possibilities for the users. Every year we work on making the games even better and more fun. And this year is no exception.

Our technician Per H. Sørensen has spent many hours testing the existing games to make sure which improvements was needed.

“It should not be boring or trivial to use Happy Rehab. We are therefore testing the games to see, how we can make them more exciting for the users. That can for instance be done by upgrading the graphics and the sound, which makes a whole other experience,” says Per.

The games shall make sense for the users

All games in the Foundation Pack 2019 has been given a “make-over”. While Per is testing the games for possible upgrades, our physiotherapist Eli Alice Wiik is updated, when it comes to knowing what the users ask for, and what they need.

When Eli meets with the users, it gives her a good feeling of what they think is fun and motivating when they are training. She thereby makes sure, that the game upgrades are based on the user’s direct feedback.

Elis knowledge as a physiotherapist is also very important when she contributes with ideas for new games and improvements of the existing games.

“My most important task is to make sure, that the games make sense for the users. As a physiotherapist I look at how the games fit the movements which are good to do for the users. It is important that the games are simple and makes sense for the movements,” says Eli.

A good game for Eli is a game, that creates an interest for the user, while also training the right muscles and joints.

“It has been important for us to make the games more fun for many different users. Of course, some games are more motivating for certain ages or interests, but we try to make a game package, where there is something for everyone,” says Eli.

A different challenge as a game developer

When both Per and Eli have tested the games and talked to the users, our game developer Oliver Gyldenberg Hjermitslev takes over.

Oliver’s task is to make the new games and the upgrades that is needed. He has worked hard to make the best possible Foundation Pack 2019.

“Foundation Pack 2019 is almost a whole new product. There are new settings and new possibilities. For instance, it is now possible to create more data, so that you can follow the user’s personal development,” says Oliver.

In the process, there is a lot of things Oliver needs to pay attention to. Among other things is the fact, that the Happy Rehab system very different from other systems he has worked with.

“It is really interesting and exciting to be a part of the game development process. Unlike other systems, Happy Rehab doesn’t have a lot of buttons the user can control the game with. Here the game is controlled with movements and that demand some different thinking from me as a game developer,” Oliver explains.

Foundation Pack 2019 is out now, and if you aren’t already in full swing playing Ghost Race, Runner, Space Attack or one of the other fun games, then you have something to look forward to!


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