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New thought-through turnkey solution for the

HAPPY REHAB system: the PRO+ package.

- the perfect solution for your institution, clinic or health and exercise center!

The new PRO+ package makes everyday life with HAPPY REHAB even easier.

The PRO+ package is an integrated and complete solution that matches the system perfectly both in terms of operation and design. Aside from the large 43” screen the package also consist of a fixed controller (powerful minicomputer), a wireless computer mouse and storage room for the system’s power supply.

Happy Rehab 2 Introduction

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The complete solution

The system is aesthetic, robustly designed and stands safely and steadily on the floor.

Simple height adjustment

The built-in gas springs enables easy adjustment of the height of the screen for different users without any tools.

Mobile and easy to move

The four large revolving wheels makes the system completely mobile, and easy to move. All wheels are lockable, which safeguards against unintended movement.

Everything is included

The controller (minicomputer) is placed on the backside of the screen.

Two sizes

The PRO+ package is available in two sizes that fit the HAPPY REHAB systems:
A short version that is adjustable from 110-150cm (from floor to center of screen), fits the Small / Medium system.
A tall version that is adjustable from 140-180cm (from floor to center of screen), fits the Large system.

Technical specifications

Standard screen size43”
Controller (minicomputer) and CPUIntel mini PC with i3 processor
MemoryKingston 4GB DDR RAM and Samsung 250GB SSD
ConnectivityWLAN, LAN (RJ45), Bluetooth 5.0, USB and HDMI
Operating systemWindows 10 PRO
Height to center of screen, short model110 – 150 cm
Height to center of screen, tall model140 – 180 cm
Net weightApprox. 45 kg

Download brochures

Download the brochures on HAPPY REHAB 2 and PRO+ package as pdf files here.

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