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Case stories 


The Municipality of Aarhus, Denmark bought 8 sets of Treax Pads. Their physiotherapists requested innovative aids, that could be used both by wheelchair users and by walking and standing elders in nursing homes. That’s why they chose Treax Pads.

My Marie Vigeholm, physiotherapist at Møllestien nursing home, chose Treax Pads, especially because of the many possibilities the different functions offer.

“A lot of the people living at the nursing home has a dementia diagnosis. They need their training to be fun og motivational. A lot of the elders struggles to keep their concentration on exercise bikes and usual training. Treax Pads is a good alternative to that,” says Sonja Dannesboe, physiotherapist at Møllestien nursing home.


Sandnes Municipality in Norway have been using Treax Pads in the project “Freetime for everyone” for children with disabilities.
"One of the best things about Treax Pads is, that the system has different functions for different needs. The training can easily be adjusted to every child. The children almost think of it as playing instead of training,” says Tina Merete Mellesdal, physiotherapist in Sandnes Municipality.

Home training

In Asker Municipality I Norway, they use Treax Pads as a rehabilitation aid, when their physiotherapists do home training with citizens with for instance neurological issues or elders with balancing problems and tendencies to fall. They use Treax Pads to challenge the users balance abilities and their ability to keep their attention on the training. Therapists says, it gives them a great flexibility using Treax Pads, because it can be used both while sitting and while standing.

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