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Happy Rehab

HAPPY REHAB is an interactive standing support system for rehabilitation of gross motor and cognitive skills. The system is used for habilitation and rehabilitation of individuals with cerebral palsy (CP), brain injuries from strokes, or other neurological functional limitations. Intensive training with HAPPY REHAB results in sustained improvement in daily activities such as balance, walking and climbing stairs.

Happy Rehab 2 Introduction

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Movement makes the difference

Increase your range of motion and balance through the use of pioneering technology.

HAPPY REHAB has created a new paradigm in rehabilitation. The unique dynamic stander is built on interaction between the user and the system, based on the most recent research in the field. The system combines dynamic motor control and cognitive training.

How does it work?

The user plays specially designed computer games, using specific move- ments that activate specific muscle groups in the lower extremities. To enhance the effect and maintain motivation, the system provides biofeed- back and challenging games/ exercises for the user. The system is adjusted individually to fit each user, in order to achieve optimum results.

The HAPPY REHAB system can be used in habilitation and rehabilitation of individuals with cerebral palsy (CP), acquired brain injuries or other neuro- logical functional limitations, as well as in rehabilitation after surgery.

Let play replace pain!

The Happy Rehab system offers

Comfortable and natural movements in upright weight-bearing position.

Increased active and passive range of motion.

Improved balance and neuromuscular control.

Motivating and interactive rehabilitation.

Feedback through exercise statistics.

Reduction of expenditures via telerehabilitation.

Promotes circulation.

The unique features of the Happy Rehab system


Through active stretching of muscles, HAPPY REHAB increases active and passive joint mobility, which can be difficult for people with neurological disorders.


The specially designed exercises in HAPPY REHAB help to improve coordination and neuromuscular control. Through numerous repetitions and visual feedback, the user becomes better at activating a muscle at the right time and with the right amount of force.


HAPPY REHABs MyTRAINER-function plans and structures individual training programmes. This motivates the user to carry out a specific and targeted training. This function can be used by the therapist or the user him/herself.
The FOOTPRINTS function is a detailed training diary that records the user’s training time, scores, joint mobility, etc. This function can be used to illustrate the user’s progress and can be printed as well.


In this combined mode, both the foot pedals and leg supports are moveable. The tactile force sensors in the foot pedals control the games.

With this function, combining movement of the ankle and knee joint, various joints can be activated while doing active stretching and working on postural balance.


In the HAPPY REHAB system, the user stands on moveable foot pedals and the movements created by plantar-/dorsiflexion of the ankle joint control the games.

The “Toe-Walker” is the typical user of this function, with increased joint mobility and coordination of the ankle as the outcome. Other users with muscle weakness, stiffness or dysfunctions in the ankle and foot will also typically benefit from these exercises.


In the HAPPY REHAB system, the leg supports are moveable and the movements created by flexion/extension of the knee joint control the games. 

People with “Crouch-gait” will typically use this function, which makes it possible to work on stretching the knee joint. Other users with muscle weakness or dysfunctions of the leg and knee can benefit from this practice.


The tactile force sensors in the foot pedals register active weight transfer in all directions.

People with all types of balance dysfunctions may benefit from this function. The user can perform weight transfer exercises (left- right) or practice full balance exercises while standing safely in the HAPPY REHAB stander. 

Foundation pack

Get started with interactive rehabilitation!

FOUNDATION PACK is the basic package of exercises and games for the HAPPY REHAB® system. With the FOUNDATION PACK you can get started with interactive cognitive and motor learning and training. Through the introductory exercises, you learn how the system works and reacts to the movements of the body and legs. The package contains dedicated paths, solely focused on movements either on the left or the right side of the body. In addition, FOUNDATION PACK includes weight transfer exercises, where gross motor skills can be trained, simply using weight transfer between the right and left sides of the body.

HAPPY REHAB user groups

Children and youth with neurological disabilities

HAPPY REHAB is primarily targeted users with cerebral palsy with mild to modera- te gross motor functional limitations (GMFCS - E&R I-III (IV)).

HAPPY REHAB can be used as a treatment method for users suffering from “toe-walking”, increased knee flexion or balance problems.

HAPPY REHAB may also be used in rehabilitative training following botulinium toxin (BTX) treatment in the lower extremities, in order to achieve repeated move- ments.


Children, youth and adults who need confidence and standing support during ba- lance training and movements after brain injuries, accidents or other complications can benefit from using the HAPPY REHAB.

Rehabilitation after surgery

The user can regain mobility of the ankle and knee joints after surgery, as well as activating muscles after plaster casting and immobilisation.

HAPPY REHAB can be adjusted so that the rehabilitation program is specific and adapted to the mobility and muscle strength of the individual user.


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