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Five good ways to train in water

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Training in water is especially good if you suffer from physical stress or injuries. For persons with cerebral palsy, water training can be a very good supplement to other training methods, as it is easier on joints and bones. And water has the added positive effect that exercises you usually do on land are more effective in water because of the water’s resistance. So there can be many advantages to moving your training to the swimming pool. Ordinary swimming is, of course, very good training, but other training exercises can also be done in water. Water can help children with functional limitations do exercises they aren’t able to do otherwise. 
We have found five good ideas for exercises you can do yourselves.


1. Tread water

A simple exercise, yet effective. Staying above water in the deep end of the pool requires muscle strength. So stay in the deep end and compete at staying above water for a certain amount of minutes. This is a really good exercise that can be made more fun with an element of competition. 


2. Twist in the water

Go back to a place in the pool where your feet can touch the bottom. Do twist movements in the water, where your arms and legs float in different directions. This activates blood circulation and works well after a strenuous treading water exercise. Jump up and down while you twist, and do 15-20 repetitions, for example.


3. Run in the water

The water’s resistance makes it hard to run quickly in the pool. But it is a fun and effective exercise. You can, for example, run across the area of the pool where your feet touch the bottom. Here you can also add extra motivation by turning it into a competition. Who will get to the other side first, or who can run the most laps? 


4. Float

After running, you can try a more quiet exercise, which doesn’t mean it is easier. Trying to float in the water requires concentration as well as balance, and is therefore a very good way of training these areas. In the beginning, it is a good idea to have a training partner who can support you until you have the needed control.


5. Wheelbarrow in the shallow pool

The children’s pool can also be used for exercises. Do a wheelbarrow exercise by yourself, where you walk on your arms and let your legs float on the surface. It is demanding for your arms, in the same way that it is demanding for your legs to run through the water. Try to race each other here, and increase the tempo of the exercise.


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