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The Child Disability Parents Association

Monday, May 22, 2017

In the Child Disability Parents Association, there is room for everyone who has a disability, or are parents of a child with a disability. The organisation is independent of diagnosis, and therefore it helps many different people with different backgrounds and life conditions. 


The Child Disability Parents Association (in Norwegian; HBF) is an interest group for children with disabilities and their families. HBF is independent of diagnoses and embraces all kinds of disabilities.

The organisation is run by volunteers and is a section of the Norwegian Association of Disabled.  HBF works nationally, as well as locally.


Political key issues

Nationally, HBF addresses issues of political interest, for example by participating in hearings pertaining to their key issues. The organisation works towards promoting different rights for parents and for children. Among these is the right for parents to receive payment, if one of them must care for their disabled child at home. In addition, the organisation is working for the right for respite care, in order to relieve the workload of the primary caretaker for a number of hours each week. This can make it easier for parents to keep their disabled child in their home longer. 


Advice in the local environment

The organisation has eight local branches in Norway operating in the local environment. Here professional and social events are arranged for parents, children, or both, so that they can meet with others who have similar needs.


In addition, the organisation offers advice for parents, given by parents in similar situations. It can be difficult to manage everyday life with a disabled child. Or it can be difficult to figure out how to apply for respite care. Advice is offered by parents who have experienced some of the same difficulties, and therefore have direct experiences they can share.


The annual  camp

To bring members of the organisation together, HBF arranges a camp every year, where parents and children spend a weekend together, full of social activities. This year the camp will be during the weekend of May 25-28.

(Read more about the camp here:


You can read more about the association here (


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