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INNOVAID is growing!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021




Big plans means bigger offices - and more room!

This Fall 2021 the main office of Innovaid is moving to brand new offices north of Aarhus.

The new building will be more than twice the size of the current head office.

The large and spacious offices will make it possible to have a better work environment, more in-house events and a better flow of goods.



Laying the foundation

It is with great pleasure we can annonce our move this Fall! Although we have only just begun, we are already pictureing the opportunities.

The foundation was begun by Martin Hjort before Easter. He was accompanied by his wife Pernille, his two sons and his Mom. It was a special day for several reasons, but only those closest to Martin knew about it.

The past becomes the present.

The lot and the building has been underway for a couple of years. The idea of a new space was actually sparked in collaboration with Martins Father Børge.

Børge has been a very active part of the development of Innovaid for the first 10 years of its life.

Unfortunetely Børge passed away a year ago, but the dream of a new building and investing in the future lives on.

Not a COVID-19 idea

It might seem strange to embark on a journey like this, in the midst of a world pandemic. But this is not a spontaneous decision. These plans have been long awaiting and will be an investment in the future. As if that wasn't enough - it is also a need, as the current building is not big enough. The space in Egå, which seemed like a palace on the first day, now is filled to the brim with products, stock room and work stations.

The new space will pave way for a a big stock room, modern workshop, common space and beautiful offices


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