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Foundation Pack 2020 is out now!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020
New games and an improved gaming experience await. The new Foundation Pack 2020 is out now, and it is packed with exciting details and games, that will give you new challenges. Try for instance our new skiing game, Polar or ride around in nature in the improved game Horse. The game package also contains improvements of already existing games, and new fun details.

If you are already a user of Foundation Pack 2019, you have the opportunity to upgrade to Foundation Pack 2020 at a special price.


Try the black slopes in the new skiing game, Polar! Here it is about keeping the balance and steering safely down the mountain. Along the way you can choose between several tracks. You must try it!


We are launching a new version of the popular game, Horse. The horse sets in motion, and you have to jump over obstacles such as streams and fallen trees. Here it is about timing and selective movement.

Dress Up

Dress your favourite doll in clothes, that you like. You choose between different colours and patterns for both trousers and shirts.


The classic flipper game is now a part of the game package. You control the flipper arms with either your ankle or your knees. And then it is all about keeping the ball on the field and score stars.


Can you match two similar figures with your left and your right leg at the same time? The game can be used for both bilateral and one-sided coordination training. The different figures needs to put in its place and be matched correctly.

Some of the existing games have also gone through a facelift. Runner has been upgraded, and the tracks in the games are improved. In Jumper you can now jump on cliffs. We have taken it to new heights, do you dare to jump with us?

Besides the above mentioned new games and upgrades, we have improved a lot of functions and minor errors. A lot os the games can now be played in different modes (left/right, balance and bilateral).


Contact us for more information and hear about the possibilities for upgrading to the Foundation Pack 2020.  


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