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Treax Pads

Treax Pads

An innovative training system

TREAX is an innovative training system for many different kinds of training and movement. The system targets a variety of users and training situations, for example, rehabilitation after acquired brain injury, physical training for elderly, or development of children’s motor and cognitive skills.
Treax Pads respond to the touch of hands or feet, and the system’s different functions train the body as well as the brain. The training system improves motor and cognitive skills in a pleasant and entertaining way. The Treax Pads system gives unique feedback in all of its functions. The feedback motivates the user and makes it possible to see improvement and evaluate progress.

Train your balance, coordination and weight-bearing

The system is composed of a number of differently coloured pads that respond to touch. It’s easy for the therapist or user to create individualized exercises for balance, coordination and weight-bearing. Treax Pads have two basic functions:  the force indication scale and random light signals. With the force indication scale, the pads respond to force or weight, thus training motor skills and weight-bearing. With the random light signal function, the pads light up in three different colours. This function guides the user from pad to pad using light signals, thus training concentration, motor skills and coordination.

Easy and flexible to use

Treax is a highly flexible rehabilitation system that enables the therapist to design training activities to fit the functionality level and training needs of each user. The system can be expanded with more pads as the user’s skills improve. Increasing the number of pads can make exercises into social games, where several users are active. The system can be used on the floor or be mounted on the wall with the accessory wall mounting board.


TREAX Pads Demo videos




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