Training approaches

The number of TREAX Pads defines the number of user scenarios possible. The TREAX Pad sets can be expanded with three pads at a time. It is possible to upgrade from Small to Medium, Medium to Large, or expand the largest set and make larger social activities possible.

Treax twister function

Using a Medium set and the Random function, you can create a field of pads for an activity similar to the game Twister, which challenges motor skills. When the number of colours is increased in the exercises, planning skills as well as performance are challenged. 

With a Large set you can create social games, using a larger area and making room for two users at the same time. This adds a social element to the exercises and challenges planning and performance even more. The users can now pass each other and strategically block the other’s route.






Treax twister function social

The example below shows two users trying to pass each other and move over to the opposite side, using the random light signal.

Many children lose motivation to train, if the training is routine and boring. Happy Rehab has been shown in many cases to be a good solution, because the children can train at home while it doesn’t feel like training

Daniel Gulliksen, Occupational therapist, Stavern Hospital