Ordering information

                    ITEM No.             Description:

Treax Pads 6 units


920-999-006        TREAX Pads Small - 6 Units


 Treax Pads 9 units

 920-999-009        TREAX Pads Medium - 9 Units


Treax Pads 12 units


920-999-012        TREAX Pads Large - 12 Units


 Treax Pads additional 3 units

 920-999-003        TREAX Pads Additional - 3 Units


Treax wall board


 920-999-000        TREAX Pads Wall mounting board (116 x 76 cm)

Many children lose motivation to train, if the training is routine and boring. Happy Rehab has been shown in many cases to be a good solution, because the children can train at home while it doesn’t feel like training

Daniel Gulliksen, Occupational therapist, Stavern Hospital