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                    ITEM No.             Description:

Treax Pads 6 units


920-999-006        TREAX Pads Small - 6 Units


 Treax Pads 9 units

 920-999-009        TREAX Pads Medium - 9 Units


Treax Pads 12 units


920-999-012        TREAX Pads Large - 12 Units


 Treax Pads additional 3 units

 920-999-003        TREAX Pads Additional - 3 Units


Treax wall board


 920-999-000        TREAX Pads Wall mounting board (116 x 76 cm)

It makes more sense for them to train with Treax Pads. Their focus moves from fear of falling, to the playful and meaningful exercise they are about to do

Durita Gunnarson, Physio therapist, Region H